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Finding a Kitplane for sale and putting it together, or locating and constructing a Homebuilt aircraft is not a task for the faint of heart. Construction of a kitplane is a tremendous undertaking. You may lack the time to build, which usually takes years. In that case consider finding a pre-built Kitplane for sale, or just finding some help. However, remember the 51% rule - the regulation precludes hiring out most of the work on an aircraft. For the latest FAA list of eligible amateur-built aircraft kits, search using the words "kitplanes for sale" at

Some Homebuilts require neither aircraft nor pilot licenses and may be a viable option for those interested only in local sport flying without passengers. Some licensed pilots choose to avoid the trouble and expense of maintaining a medical certificate by flying ultralights, which can be built from kits or bought ready to fly. As with licensed aircraft, ultralight training is mandatory for safety, even for highly qualified, licensed pilots.

# Year Make Model State/Province
1 1997 Experimental pulsar xp Colorado
2 2002 Experimental Tukan Colorado
3 1999 Pitts Pitts / Eagle Prototype Mississippi
4 2010 Zenith Aircraft zodiac 601xl California
5 1996 Glasair Glasair III Washington
6 2003 Experimental single place long wing Georgia
7 1994 Experimental RANS S12 AIRAILE Georgia
8 1993 Experimental MCCORMICK KM-3 Minnesota
9 1990 North American CGS HAWK Ontario
10 1998 Glider-Ultralight XS British Columbia
11 2012 Experimental SD-1 MiniSport Utah
12 2007 Experimental velocity xl fast build California
13 2005 Zenith Aircraft ZODIAC 601 XL Texas
14 2005 Experimental Honey Bee Texas
15 2003 Aerocomp Inc. comp air 7 British Columbia
16 2004 Experimental RANS S-6S Coyote II Kansas
17 1994 Experimental 440 rotax Pennsylvania
18 1982 Glider-Ultralight quicksilver Mississippi
19 1995 Lancair-Glasair 360 California
20 2005 Experimental precepter Michigan