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  Kit Airplanes and Experimental Aircraft For Sale  
If you are in the market to buy or sell a kit airplane or experimental aircraft, is your online source for airplane classifieds, including kit and experimental aircraft for sale. Browse our listings below.

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# Photos Year
1 2012 Experimental SD-1 MiniSport $22000 Kit/Experimental Utah
2 2010 Zenith Aircraft zodiac 601xl $15000 Kit/Experimental California
3 1995 Lancair-Glasair 360 $72000 Kit/Experimental California
4 1993 Experimental MCCORMICK KM-3 $12500 Kit/Experimental Minnesota
5 2005 Experimental precepter $11900 Kit/Experimental Michigan
6 1999 Pitts Pitts / Eagle Prototype $79500 Kit/Experimental Mississippi
7 2003 Experimental single place long wing $8500 Kit/Experimental Georgia
8 2005 Zenith Aircraft ZODIAC 601 XL $55900 Kit/Experimental Texas
9 2007 Experimental velocity xl fast build $98000 Kit/Experimental California
10 2003 Aerocomp Inc. comp air 7 $225000 Kit/Experimental British Columbia
11 1994 Experimental RANS S12 AIRAILE $22500 Kit/Experimental Georgia
12 2004 Experimental Vans RV9A $19356 Kit/Experimental Texas
13 2002 Experimental Tukan $10000 Kit/Experimental Colorado
14 1990 North American CGS HAWK $6500 Kit/Experimental Ontario
15 1982 Glider-Ultralight quicksilver $3000 Kit/Experimental Mississippi
16 1994 Experimental 440 rotax $10000 Kit/Experimental Pennsylvania
17 1997 Experimental pulsar xp $55000 Kit/Experimental Colorado
18 2004 Experimental RANS S-6S Coyote II $33500 Kit/Experimental Kansas
19 1994 Experimental 440 rotax $11000 Kit/Experimental Pennsylvania
20 2005 Experimental Honey Bee $14500 Kit/Experimental Texas

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A look back through the history of aircraft, and you will find that the first airplanes built, were by and large, built by experimenters at home. These planes are what we think of as "homebuilts". World War I moved airplanes from the garage to the factory. In 1947 U.S. Congress officially approved the licensing of home built aircraft, subject to a federally regulated inspection program. Homebuilt planes are for education and recreation.

Kit airplanes gained popularity in the 1970's. They come with an engine, the parts, and a huge manual with all the instructions on how to craft your own aircraft. While it can take years to build a kit aircraft, airplane enthusiasts love the challenge and the finished product. If you are looking for kit airplanes and experimental aircraft for sale, browse the listings at